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EuroITV 2012 grand challenge competition; still time to submit your project!

June 1, 2012

EuroITV is the leading international conference for media and interaction related to video and television. The 2012 edition, EuroTV2012, will take place in Berlin, Germany, from 4 to 6 July.

This year, the conference committee is organizing a EuroITV2012 Grand Challenge Competition for premiere creators, developers and designers of interactive video content, applications and services that enhance the television and video viewing experience for consumers worldwide.

Does your product, content, or service add to the positive experience the television audience is looking for? Are you about to rock the world of interactive video consumption and storytelling?

The deadline for the Grand Challenge submission IS EXTENDED and ends now in the NEXT WEEK:  the 8th June 2012.

The submission of the project is a great opportunity to present not only for the EuroITV community but also for a broader professional audience. The submission system is available at:

This is your chance to show how creativeness, technologically and business ideas you have during the most important interactive television conference! Also there is a good chance to go under the three best rated works at the Grand Challenge Award.

The jury board is represented by recognized specialists of interactive TV solutions and applications, so the Award is also a highly good reference for your project to be!

Good luck!


One day into the Berlin Web and TV workshop

February 8, 2011

photo at the Web and TV workshopThe workshop attracted more than 100 attendees from various industries, including TV broadcasters and service providers, TV and set-top boxes manufacturers, as well as standardization bodies active in TV space. In that respect, the workshop is already a big success.

After a short presentation of the workshop goals, its relationship with the newly created W3C Web and TV Interest Group, the discussion focused on requirements needed for second-screen scenarios, such as when a mobile device is used as a TV remote, or when a potential consumer uses his laptop to browse content associated with the TV show he’s currently watching on his primary TV set. photo at the Web and TV workshop
The need for new APIs and some device discovery mechanism were highlighted during this session.

poster for the Web and TV workshopThe panel on HTTP adaptive streaming showed a convergence of interests towards the MPEG DASH specification as a key enabler for video streaming on broadband connections. There was a long debate on the patent policy under which this specification could eventually be released. Further improvements to HTML5 (additional events, QoS API, trick modes support) were pointed out.

On content protection, the general agreement was that there was no need to standardize a full-blown DRM system. On the contrary, it seems more relevant to agree on a common encryption algorithm that would leave the DRM system as a business decision.

The minutes of the workshop will be available for full details very soon. Meanwhile, please follow the second day of discussions on Twitter feed #w3ctv.

We would like to thank our sponsors Netflix, IPTV Forum Japan and Tomo-Digi for their generous support. Fraunhofer-FOKUS also provides a great venue for fruitful discussions. Many thanks.

Photo credit: Hristo Mitov – Fraunhofer FOKUS
Poster designed by WithYou


Agenda ready for the Berlin Web and TV workshop

January 26, 2011

The agenda for the 2° edition of the Web and TV W3C workshop is now available.

Several topics will be discussed during these two days meeting:

  • Web&TV: Use Cases and TechnologiesWeb and TV
  • Second-Screen Scenarios
  • HTTP Adaptative Streaming
  • Content Protection
  • Metadata / Semantic Web
  • HTML5 and TV
  • Accessibility
  • Profiling / Testing

The workshop will be held in Berlin (Germany), on 8-9 February 2011.

Don’t forget about the dedicated sponsorship program, the deadline is 1 February.

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