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Get ready for HTML5 Graphics: Start the new year learning SVG – Early bird rate expiring soon!!

December 31, 2010

W3C is delighted to announce its latest online training course: Introduction to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) which will start on Jan 10 2011.

SVG is getting increasingly important for Web designers given that

  • SVG now directly supported in HTML5
  • IE 9 will join all other major browsers in supporting the format.

This is the second time we run this course – here are some impressive examples of SVG applications that students in the first course were able to accomplish in their “final exam” after only five weeks of study:

We received excellent feedback on the first course – some examples of what participants in the previous course had to say:

  • “SVG is the future of graphics for web development. Anyone remotely interested in web dev needs to start learning it.”
  • “The format suits someone who may be working during the day, but has some time in the evenings to do some study”
  • “I really got infected by SVG! It’s an important part of the web-future (when there will be full cross-browser-support of SVG/SMIL) I gained knowledge and abilities that really impressed me.”
  • “You are at home; but not alone. There is feed-back and it is possible to get help. The course material and the assignments are high level, so later on when you are going to use it in your work, you have a god reference material.”
  • “A well taught course that thanks to the discussion group enables you to connect with some amazing individuals and allow you to expand your knowledge of the subject area well beyound whats in the course material itself.”

Full details on the content, the timing, who it’s for and more are available.

Early bird registration is available until January Jan 4 2011 at just €125 (after that, the cost will be €165).

Hope you can join us!


Introduction to SVG: Online Course Open for Early Bird Registration

September 13, 2010

As part of the OMWeb Project, W3C will be running online training courses to help developers make the most of the latest opportunities in rich media on the Web. The first such course is an introduction to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) which begins on Monday 11th October.

W3C began working on SVG, back in 1998 with stable standards first emerging in 2003 so it’s hardly ‘new.’ The standards have been implemented in a number of environments for years, however, as work on the second edition of the core standard is reaching the advanced stages of development, widespread attention has been prompted recently due to Microsoft’s announcement of its intention to provide native support for SVG within Internet Explorer 9. This means that all the major Web browsers from Apple, Google, Microsoft, Firefox and Opera support SVG natively. Cell phone and mobile device manufacturers like Ikivo, BitFlash, Apple, Qualcomm, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, LG, and Siemens all provide various levels of support too.

SVG’s time has come. It’s an incredibly powerful technology for creating high resolution, interactive, dynamic graphics to add real power to any Web site, whether viewed on a small screen or a stadium-sized display.

To lead the course, W3C is delighted to have secured the services of professor David Dailey of Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania. Participants on the course will have access not only to materials created by Prof. Dailey but will receive feedback directly from him on assignments submitted and questions posed in the discussion forum.

Registration for the course is now open with full price at €125, but early bird registration is available until Friday 1st October for just €95.

Full details of the course content, how W3C online courses work and more can be found in the course description.


W3C SVG Meetup – 6 September 2010, Paris

September 6, 2010

W3C is organizing a SVG meetup in Paris on Monday 6 September at La Cantine, from 7pm. Four speakers will  give  updates on the SVG specification and its integration with HTML5, and more:

  • Chris Lilley (W3C)
  • Erik Dahlström (Opera Software)
  • Doug Schepers (W3C)
  • Julien Quint (Consultant)

There will be live demos (not to be missed!) that will show the power of SVG and how this Web standard will soon be crucial to numerous applications.

Find out more at the W3C SVG meetup page and register online  at La Cantine’s Web site.

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